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How It Works

Our mailbox migrations are delivered to you right from our highly available, secure data center. There is no hardware to deploy and no software to install. Configure and submit your migrations in minutes with no prior experience.

How long it takes

Each migration project contains a unique scenario which will result in differing data transfer speeds. You can perform a free trial migration to gauge what you may expect using MigrationWiz.

In most cases, we can comfortably migrate the average mailbox overnight. Learn more.

How much it costs

MigrationWiz provides a transparent pricing structure that allows you to know the total cost of your migration project without requesting a quote.

Our pricing is purely based on volume— the more licenses you purchase, the more you save. Learn more.

What We Migrate

The following table describes the items that we migrate for various protocols. The first column lists the source systems supported by MigrationWiz and the first line lists the destinations.

Source Destination
Exchange Server 2007+ Microsoft Office 365 Google Apps/Gmail Other (IMAP)
Microsoft Office 365 EmailsCalendarsContactsTasksJournalsNotesRules EmailsCalendarsContactsTasksJournalsNotesRules EmailsCalendarsContacts Emails
Exchange Server 2003+ EmailsCalendarsContactsTasksJournalsNotesRules EmailsCalendarsContactsTasksJournalsNotesRules EmailsCalendarsContacts Emails
Google Apps/Gmail EmailsCalendarsContacts EmailsCalendarsContacts Emails Emails
GroupWise 7+ EmailsCalendarsContactsTasks EmailsCalendarsContactsTasks Emails Emails
IMAP Emails Emails Emails Emails
Lotus Notes 6.5+ EmailsCalendarsContactsTasks EmailsCalendarsContactsTasks Emails Emails
POP [Inbox only] Emails Emails Emails Emails
Zimbra 6+ EmailsCalendarsContactsTasks EmailsCalendarsContactsTasks EmailsCalendarsContacts Emails


Emails Calendars Contacts Tasks Journals Notes Rules
Emails Calendars Contacts Tasks Journals Notes Rules